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🎥 CAPTAIN MARVEL (2019) | Full Movie Trailer in Full HD | 1080p

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Duration: 00:51 sec
Likes: 866
Views: 162,165
Dimension: 2D
Definition: HD
Comments: 526
Uploader: TRAILER CITY »
Category: Movies »
Description: View »
Un-broken and victorious Un-broken and victorious: ''I wouldn't even rape her'' -Thanos
ECMG119 ECMG119: I wonder what Brie Larson's father thinks of all this...
Ijustwanttocommentfugoogle Ijustwanttocommentfugoogle: I've seen every Marvel movie, including the old Fantastic Four movie that was made and never released (officially), except for Social(ist) Justice Warrior NPC 'Black Panther' and this crapfest 'Captain Marvel' which I will also skip. I'll no longer be watching Marvel movies after Avengers Endgame, as Kevin Feige says the NPC crap will continue. GFY Marvel!
rigo62982 rigo62982: Watchmen.......Dr. Manhatten
Patrick Bateman Patrick Bateman: Boycott this movie
Orlando Oliveros Orlando Oliveros: Jajajaja, busquense una vida cuerdas de fanboys, Es sólo una película. Y un personaje, el mundo está loco de verdad.
Alberto Pascual Alberto Pascual: Basura de película

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